Launch of Panasonic S1H


Director/DP: Carissa Dorson

Producers: Shane Spiegel, Jake Rosenthal

DP Carissa Dorson shoots VariCam LT, EVA1 and S1H projects


No Film School: 4 Short Films That Reveal the Cinematic Look of Panasonic's Lumix S1H

"Perhaps the finest example of how well the S1H handles the extreme ends of its 14 stops of dynamic range came from Los Angeles based filmmaker Carissa Dorson, who made 'Alive'..."

"The camera movement is buttery without being betrayed by rolling shutter...You could really catch the fine weave of a window screen while focusing on the dancer looking out the window, and catch the herringbone brick in the dark night as she danced. It's a very impressive example of how a camera can use dynamic range."