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Funny People. Serious Photos.
Woman at Home
Anywhere and Everywhere
The Honeymoon Phase
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As a cinematographer and photographer, I am drawn to visual storytelling.  I strive to create work that is relatable; that brings people back to a memory or a feeling.  My portraits allow people (including myself) to be vulnerable and connect with others.  I also find comfort in photographing the minutia of daily life—At a time when I am constantly struggling with my own fears, anxieties, and self-confidence, it forces me to stay grounded and just exist in that split-second moment.

Having learned mainly on digital, I experienced magic when I shot my first roll of 35mm film.  I have been chasing that feeling ever since—later moving on to medium format and experimenting with different cameras and types of film.  The scenes I capture are often uncluttered and symmetrical with one clear focus, yet I always embrace natural light, softness, and imperfections.