Artist Statement:


As a cinematographer and photographer, I am drawn to visual storytelling.  I strive to create work that is personal and relatable, that may bring people back to a memory or a feeling.  I find comfort in photographing the minutiae of daily life.  When I am struggling with my own fears, anxieties, and self-worth, it forces me to stay grounded and just exist in that split-second moment.

Having learned mainly on digital, I experienced magic when I shot my first roll of 35mm film.  I have been chasing that feeling ever since—later moving on to medium format and experimenting with different cameras and types of film.  The scenes I capture are often uncluttered with one clear focus, yet I always embrace natural light, softness, and imperfections.


Carissa Dorson is a fine art photographer and cinematographer originally from Silver Spring, Maryland.  She graduated with a BFA from Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts in 2011, and then moved to Los Angeles.  Her photography has appeared on the front cover of “Like Brothers” by Mark and Jay Duplass, as well as in the photo book, “Home” by Don’t Smile.  She has exhibited work at Duncan Miller Gallery, Los Angeles Center of Photography, and The Darkroom Gallery.  Her first book of photos, “Conversations with Dad,” a visual conversation with her father, is being published by Kehrer Verlag. Carissa is an established cinematographer whose work has garnered hundreds of millions of views online.  Her latest comedy feature film, “It’s a Party” is streaming on Showtime.